The Evergreen Advantage

We work with governments, post-secondary institutions, and businesses throughout North America to embed Waste Reduction and Sustainable Material Management into their operations. This makes us acutely aware that sustainability (in and of itself) is not the raison d’être of most public agencies. As such, we are mindful to ensure that:

  • Our approach does not add ‘more things’ to do in a day, but subtly shifts and embeds sustainability into the ‘core things’
  • Decisions need to be made from the broader financial, organizational, AND sustainable development perspectives
  • We place a high-priority on gaining buy-in and commitment from all key stakeholders to ensure a self-sustaining and evolving program
  • With over a decade of delivering high performing programs, we have the capabilities and experience to help you get it right the first time

See the following table for a summary of typical results.

Evergreen plans, designs, and implements programs that produce observable, sustainable results across the triple bottom line (i.e. environmental, social, and economic benefits). Working with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Evergreen pioneered North America’s first comprehensive sustainable development program for large-scale public venues. Since then, Evergreen has worked with individual municipalities, public venues, higher-education institutions, regional and provincial governments, property managers, grocery stores, restaurants, and schools to implement high-performing waste reduction and sustainable materials management programs. We are management consultants and a neutral third-party that started out by "white labeling" environmental programs for professional sports teams; and now specialize in developing strategy and implementing programs for businesses and public agencies of all sizes and types.