System Assessment

The system assessment characterizes the physical wastes of operations like materials, energy, or water use. In order to untangle this complexity, Evergreen uses a proprietary algorithm that draws from non-parametric (i.e. simple random, systematic) and parametric (i.e. judgmental, stratified, adaptive cluster) regression analysis techniques to uncover linkages and interdependencies that connect the functional, process, and behavioral aspects of material procurement, use, and disposal with the physical, social, and financial outcomes they have on operations. This illuminates the interconnections between processes, behaviors, and resource flows which allow beneficial and meaningful interventions to be identified and implemented to produce predictable results.

The assessment looks at resource quantities, composition, qualities, embodied energy, recovery rates, and market value, in addition to the attitudes and behaviors of the people that produce the waste, as well as the technologies utilized by the organization that constrain or create opportunities to improve operational cost-effectiveness and cost-efficiency. Quality Assurance is achieved for our US clients through harmonization with technical guidance issued by the EPA to standardize the collection and reporting of data related to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

After assessment sampling and analysis, tabulated data is presented to the organization’s leadership team for discussion and to receive guidance on the key themes that have/are emerging within the context of ‘ease of implementation’ and ‘organizational net-benefit’.