Program Management

We define a "program" as a group of related projects managed in a coordinated manner to obtain benefits not available from managing them individually. To predictably and consistently achieve meaningful program outcomes, it is necessary for each stakeholder to consistently apply the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to meet their agreed upon responsibilities. If sustainability is done right, it does not require a new position, additional third-party services, or ‘more things to do’ - though this does not preclude them from being beneficial in certain cases. The trick is to use robust planning to subtly shift, adjust, and align the day-to-day actions of each value-chain stakeholder. This has the effect of cumulatively producing a greater positive impact than any one stakeholder could achieve on its own and initiates a virtuous cycle in which the production of real results drives increasing stakeholder engagement. Thus, the focus of this work phase is to build our client’s internal organizational capacity to sustain the program through training.

Transferring imperative knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to build organizational capacity through training is a key feature of Evergreen client success. We truly believe that clients should not have need for additional or ongoing services. We encourage them to embed the ‘know how’ and tools into their standard operations so sustainability is just a part of how they do business.