Contracted Services

About the Contract

The purpose is to help public agencies, in all 50 states, reduce financial and environmental wastes through more effective use of their material, energy, and human resources.

Every organization has unique circumstances and nuances that characterize its operations, the key is to ensure those factors are taken into account. Evergreen's three-phase quality assurance approach ensures clients receive positive, predictable, and consistent outcomes.

Phase 1: Strategy Development

    • System Assessment - Ascertain the physical, operational, financial and relational resource flow parameters (e.g. energy, waste, GHGs, water) for the site(s)
    • Management Consulting - Obtain buy-in from groups essential to success, conceptualize initiatives/actions, and define integrated design protocols

Phase 2: Design Planning

    • Technical Consulting - Objective evaluation of selected initiatives/actions for technical and financial feasibility
    • Management Consulting - Crystallize feasible initiatives into a detailed action plan (e.g. budgets, KPIs, communications plan, creative assets, technical specs)

Phase 3: Program Activation

    • Program Management - Build internal ability to sustain programs with training, tools, implementation, tendering, reporting and continuous improvement support